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Spotlight Your Corporate Training Event With a Show Band Finale

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Corporate training events can be massively boring. In fact, the least memorable thing about most training events is the training. Seriously, if you’re planning a corporate training event and you think for one minute, they’ll remember the training…

You’re wrong.

Unless you give them a quantifiable reason to remember the event. They’ll go, they’ll sit through the classes, and they’ll forget every step they took.

But what would happen if your training sessions were innovative, challenging, and well-rewarded, with mind-blowing entertainment?

Your corporate training could be life changing!

Here are some amazing, fun steps that can be used to upgrade your corporate training events and make them memorable, and way more importantly, effective:

  1. Top Shelf Venue – selecting a five-star hotel as your venue may be pricy, but given the alternative of a lack-luster event nobody gains anything from attending… Aye, the pricy top shelf venue may be well-worth your dollars. Bring on the five-star list and start making your selection.
  2. Professional Presentations – instead of using your senior staff to build and present the training, hire a few specialized consultants with dynamic experience and quantifiable records of success. These professional presentations will be interesting, memorable, and high-achieving events during your training event.
  3. Pre-Training Publications – before your staff arrives for the well-planned, professionally presented, and information laden training event, why not serve them up a well-organized selection of pre-training publications so they’ll be ready to learn what your consultants are teaching? The key is to make these publications interesting, revealing, and focused on the outcome.
  4. Arrival Publications – the pre-training publications increased expectations, so when your team arrives, they’ll need specific documents, publications created to enhance and up-sell the elements of your training event. The key here will be “interactive” which means, all publications will have space left for taking notes. Empty lines to fill, and recommendations for discussions to have with fellow team members after the event. This part of your plan is absolutely imperative. No slacking on this one!
  5. Entertainment Worthy of Success – here’s the clincher! You’re going to plan an event worthy of top-shelf entertainment, specifically one of the front-runner cover bands showcasing Las Vegas style tunes, Los Angeles quality showmanship, and music selections from top bands. Your ability to make song selections, decide on a theme, and determine the way entertainment is presented during your event is premium.

Are you ready to look at more options for entertainment?


Source by David Levin

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