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Everything you need to know about F-1 Visas

Students wishing to study in the United States must know the F-1 student visa application process. There are currently over one million international students studying abroad in the United States, and with some preparation and guidance, you can join them. To help you get started, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to the US visa […]

Invest in your future!

women siting with a laptop

Invest in your future! Join our Contingent Workforce Professional Training Program. It is specifically designed for professionals and students to upskill and support your career path. Book your slot: 985-355-5180 #career#training#students#future#upskills#upskillyourself#talentheed

Corporate Training: Benefits of corporate training

It is good to start your work with some knowledge in advance. This is why companies nowadays focus on providing corporate training for their employees. What is Corporate Training? Corporate Training is the way of learning at workplace. It helps both the employers and employees as it lets the employees to gain new skills and […]

Jobs for collage students (international) in USA

While studying in a different country, a part-time job may help you pay a few extra bills or travel or do something which was out of your budget. Here we will share some jobs for college students before you graduate. So many students look for part-time jobs while studying. And it’s not that hard to […]

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